“One of the most pleasant experiences I have had was sitting for Tess and I think she has captured the atmosphere of the enjoyable moments perfectly in my portrait.”
Sir Harry kroto

“I have to say, it's been an absolute delight - surprisingly so." "Tess is a lovely person and we chat about this that and the other. The whole notion of sitting in my office and doing essentially nothing for two hours at a time is unheard of. So it's been a real pleasure. I'm going to miss it.” Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS

“The portraits are fabulous and I am in love with them. Thanks again for a great job and a great experience.” Gillian Crombie

“I was delighted to be asked to sit for Tess, and even more pleased with the result, as were all of my friends, family and colleagues. Everyone thinks it is me exactly, with a strong hint of who I am under the skin. Tess makes sitting a real pleasure; we talked with much humour about a huge range of subjects over the hours, and I am sure this is part of Tess's process, getting to know the subject, then transferring that knowledge of the sitter on to the canvas. I think she succeeded brilliantly.”
Professor David Phillips CBE BSc PhD CSci CChem FRSC

“I agreed to sit out of curiosity – what is it like to be painted? I thoroughly enjoyed the experience which turned out to be several very relaxed conversations about “life, the universe and everything”! I also like the resulting picture – and so apparently do my friends.” Professor Dame Julia Higgins DBE, FRS, FREng

“I cannot say I was enthusiastic about having my portrait done, but I must say the outcome has been very gratifying. Not only did I actually enjoy sitting for you – something I wouldn't have anticipated in my wildest dreams – but the portrait has been greatly admired (it is said to express my personality) and I like it myself!”
Sir Richard Doll

“A big thank you for the portrait of Claire. We are really delighted with it and the good thing is that it will be a continuing pleasure, first to us, and then to Claire and her family in Switzerland. You have made one family in Wapping and elsewhere very happy.” Adam and Mary Neville

“We want you to know how pleased June and I are with the portrait. The sittings were an interesting, new and enjoyable experience for us and we think that you have captured not just our likenesses but also our characters in the final work.”
Dr Sidney Crown

“Spending time with Tess is a pleasure and so relaxing. Chatting about everything from sums to the French countryside was a joy. Made such a welcome change to a ridiculous life full of rushing around. Oh, and the portrait was fab too. Ha. More power to her paintbrush.” Carol Vorderman

“Tess is not only a great portrait painter, she makes the sittings a really enjoyable experience. She likes to capture faces in motion, and she knows just how to keep her sitters involved. There is no danger of dropping off to sleep when Tess is painting your portrait.” Stella Rimington

“Tess Barnes is a remarkable artist and woman. Sitting for her was both pleasure and privilege. Who needs shrinks or executive coaches when you can have Tess with her great talents for observation and empathy?” Shami Chakrabarti

“Tess herself is vivid, direct, colourful and deceptively calm and disciplined. One of her many gifts is the ability to provoke a response in others, of shared curiosity and pleasure. Her portraits are true dialogues, unmistakably from her brush, but seeking, not manipulating, the identity of the subject. Her personality is as creative as her skill in the interest and communication in her work.” Catherine Hughes

“We are delighted with your portrait of Charlotte. You captured her looks and spirit wonderfully, at this precious age at the end of her nursery years. The process of doing the portrait was much simpler than I anticipated. You have an easy, natural way with children, and Charlotte was relaxed and chatty with you. You even inspired her to try drawing portraits of her own! We are thrilled with the portrait, and we do plan to be in touch again when our younger daughter is bit older.” Tamsin Todd Defiriez

“Sitting for Tess was fun and her work is refreshingly original.” Clara Furse

Self in an avenue of trees
'Self in an avenue of trees'
Oil on linen
by Tess Barnes

Sir Harry Kroto
Sir Harry Kroto sitting for his portrait